Jay S. Weiner has Held a Number of Positions

May 24th, 2012

During his time in the financial and mortgaging business, Jay S. Weiner was able to build a $1 billion+ mortgage operation. Jay S. Weiner was personally able to originate $500 million in mortgages. Weiner has been held accountable in the past for activities like sales forecasting, budgeting, training, as well as measuring the performance of as many as seventeen employees simultaneously.

Jay S. Weiner has held a number of positions in the Massachusetts Mortgage Association. He has served as Director, Treasurer, Vice Chairman, and Chairman. Jay S. Weiner has, through his work for the Massachusetts Mortgage Association, lobbied for mortgage reform at both the state and national level.

Jay S. Weiner is an Indisputably Accomplished Businessman

April 21st, 2012

Jay S. Weiner is an indisputably accomplished businessman who has been able to experience many things during his professional career. Weiner possesses a wealth of experience in the marketing and sales industries which would make him a valuable asset to virtually any financial mortgaging company. Weiner has a diversity in his career history that many people would envy. He has worked all over the industry during the past three decades. Weiner’s experiences have allowed him to create a vast database of knowledge from our the industry that others don’t have.

Jay S. Weiner is a member of the marketing and sales industry who has gone on to be quite successful. Jay S. Weiner’s specialty is in the founding and then running of companies or organizations. Indeed, he is hoping to parlay his significant experience and success into a high level position at a successful firm in an industry he’s familiar with, or to get help building his own organization or business.

Jay S. Weiner was able to attain a top quality education. He got his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Cast Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and then chose to attend Northeastern University in Boston, MA, from which he got his Master’s degree in Business Administration. This foundational education plus thirty years of trial-and-error self-taught lessons through experience have helped to make Jay S. Weiner a very valuable asset.

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